UFIGA - UNION OF INDUSTRIAL FORESTRY OF GABON AND AMENAGISTS is a Professional Union created on March 24, 2003 with the sole purpose of studying and defending the economic, material and moral interests of its members exercising a forestry and industrial activity.
• 4,504,211 ha of forest area owned by members
• whereof 2,287,453 ha certified FSC and PAFC-PEFC and303,768 ha certified legality 
               audited by third party
• About 6,000 jobs
• 100% of forest production is processed (sawnwood, veneer, slicing, plywood, sleepers,    
• About 25 species are exploited (Abura, Mahogany, Andoung, Azobe, Beli Brown, Beli 
               Red, Bilinga, Bossé, Dabema, Dibetou, Doussie, Iroko, Izombe, Kossipo, Movingui, 
               Niove, Okan, Okoume, Ovengkol, Ozigo, Padouk , Sapelli, Tali, Tola, Zingana)

Our goals:
• Facilitate the relationship between members
• Intervene with public authorities to defend the general interests of the sector
• Participate in any study aimed at improving the conditions of exploitation and 
              management of the forest, the development of a competitive timber processing 
              industry and the conditions for marketing timber

Our action plan:
• Organize meetings with the administration, development partners or civil society to 
               ensure sustainable development and economic visibility
• Continue the support of members towards legal and sustainable certification (FSC, 
               PAFC-PEFC, OLB, LEGAL SOURCE, CONTROL UNION) within the framework of the 
               program PPECF II financed by KfW
• Support any initiative to put in place a traceability system to support the administration 
               in putting an end to illegal logging.
• Strengthen the capacities of the member unions of the Intersyndicale Forêt-Bois in the 
              APV/FLEGT process

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1 Aelis Voyages C-36 GABON
2 Africa View Panels S. A. D-10 GABON
3 ANPI Gabon C-64 GABON
4 Ascoma Gabon  B-12 GABON
5 Autorité Administrative de la Zone Économique Spéciale de Nkok B07 GABON
6 B S Engineering Machinery Pvt. Ltd. D-62 INDIA
7 BGFI Bank Gabon S.A C-56 GABON
9 Bolloré Transport & Logistics C-50 GABON
10 Bureau Veritas  D-50 CAMEROON
11 Caisse des dépôts et Consignations B-06 GABON
12 Darshan Mechnical & Engineering Works D-62 INDIA
13 Evergreen Gabon C-16 GABON
14 Exposicam D-48 ITALY
15 Fabryka Narzędzi Skrawających Fenes S.A. E-06 POLAND
16 Form Makina Woodworking & Pallet Machinery E-10 TURKEY
17 FRM Gabon D-66 GABON
18 FSC International E-26 GERMANY
19 Gabon 24 TV D-42 GABON
20 Gabon Original Furniture Zerp D-44 GABON
21 Gabon Special Economic Zone Sa, Gabon C-70 GABON
22 Gabon Timber Industry Zerp C-62 GABON
23 Gabon Veneer SARL B-14 GABON
24 Gabon Wood Consulting D-46 GABON
25 Gabon Wood Industries C-04 GABON
26 Gabonaise Forestiere De Transformation (GFT) C72 GABON
27 Union Gabonaise de Banque D-34 GABON
29 Gorilla Furniture C-10 GABON
30 Greenply Gabon S.A C-26 GABON
31 GSEZ Port and Logistics C-72 GABON
32 Guru Amar Industry Limited B-09 INDIA
33 Industrial Tecnica S.R.L. E-08 ITALY
34 Kalyan Industries D-30 INDIA
35 KHLL Forestry S.A D-64 BELGIUM
36 LaReva Bois B-20 FRANCE
37 Leong Bee & Soo Bee Sdn Bhd E-22 SINGAPORE
38 Lida Bois International du Gabon C-38 GABON
39 MAC Veneer D-02 GABON
41 Mebor D-56 SLOVENIA
42 MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company Gabon B-24 GABON
43 Nature Wood Industries SARL D-32 GABON
44 Origen Eau Pure C-38 GABON
45 Ply World Magazine D-46 INDIA
46 Precious Woods E-04 GABON
47 Robland D-24 BELGIUM
48 Rougier C-60 GABON
49 Saham Assurance  B-12 GABON
50 Serra France E-12 FRANCE
51 Shandong Changxing Wood Machinery Co.,Ltd D-40 CHINA
52 Sodim TP A-10 & B-22 GABON
53 Solid Wood Gabon B-08 GABON
54 Star Ply Gabon B-08 GABON
55 Sun Veneer Zerp B-08 GABON
56 Terea E-24 FRANCE
57 Termolegno D-28 ITALY
58 Tractafric Equipment Gabon D-74 GABON
60 Wood-Mizer Africa E-16 SOUTH AFRICA
61 Woodpro Industrial SARL B-14 GABON
62 Woods International SARL B-18 GABON
63 Wravor Ltd Co. E-14 SLOVENIA
64 Xiamen LTMG Co., Ltd E-18 CHINA


Head Office

Tel: +971 4 392 3232
E-mail: info@gabonwoodshow.com